Research and Innovation

We are in the midst of an increasingly rapid transformation in our education system.  With the dynamic changes in the modern world, we have felt the need to encourage our students to be highly innovative. When we look at the technological and social changes, we are in dire need of capabilities and skills. For instance, in infrastructure development, we need engineers, architects, electricians, road engineers, IT specialists, among others. This has pushed us to introduce research and innovation in the curriculum.

Starting from the last academic year, we have revised our programs to ensure our students are competent enough to do any job or create their own. Projects and research are now part of the curriculum while subjects like research and entrepreneurship are being taught early so that students grasp them as they go higher. We are also organizing competitions where a group of students work on projects together from their first year in college.

This program helps us to promote research and innovation among our students so that they become job creators, and link the knowledge with the existing challenges to transform our economy and help in achieving vision 2030.
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