Different colors mean different things. They are used to put happiness and liveliness into a person’s life. Choosing different colors reflects our inner self. The bright color reflects happiness while the dull colors reflect the sadness in a person’s life and some colors add peace to one’s life.

At ICS College, we will embrace you with knowledge about the different aspects of Fashion Designing in which selection of the color is very important. The choice of colors is it primary, secondary, complimentary or tertiary depicts the image that we want to display. Join us as we add knowledge of how different colors add meaning to fashion.

Grab the chance with ICS College, The Best College in Kenya and enroll with us in the School of Fashion Design.

We have six major schools namely the School of Hospitality & Languages, School of Beauty & Fashion Design, School of Media Studies, School of ICT & Engineering, School of Business and School of Social Sciences.

Please join us now or register for any other future intake and get Sponsorship in terms of a free 3G 7inch Android Tablet plus Free Computer Course and a new T-SHIRT!!!

Enroll with us today at any of our campuses in NAIROBI, KISUMU, NAKURU, MOMBASA, ELDORET, THIKA, and NYERI

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