Diploma In Management of Information Systems

Course Overview

Information is crucial to running a successful business. Technology now provides a range of information systems, so a modern manager needs to understand the way they can be used to develop and control the business.

ABE now offer a Management of Information Systems pathway within the Business Management programme. The new pathway system allows greater flexibility for students, who now have the option to achieve additional qualifications. The Management of Information Systems pathway contains three levels of Ofqual accredited qualifications to improve your information management knowledge and skills. These are Level 4 Diploma, Level 5 Diploma and Level 6 Diploma.

Course Content

Level 4

Compulsory units

1.    Introduction to Business
2.    Introduction to Quantitative Methods
3.    Introduction to Business Communication
4.    Introduction to Management Information Systems

Level 5

Compulsory units

1.    Quantitative Methods for Business Management
2.    The Business Environment
3.    Financial Accounting
4.    Marketing Policy, Planning and Communication
5.    Organisational Behaviour
6.    Human Resource Management

Optional units (choose two from)

•    Information Systems Applications for Business
•    Information Systems Development
•    Managing the Customer Relationship

Level 6

Compulsory units

1.    Corporate Strategy and Planning
2.    Managing in Organisations
3.    International Business Case Study
4.    Project Management
5.    Information Systems for Strategic Management

Course duration: 6 months per level
Exam Body: ABE

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