Course Overview

The focus of the course will be on producing web pages that are visually appealing. You will gain the HTML, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash builder and ASP skills necessary to build effective web pages. You will be able to develop web pages that respond intelligently to users’ actions.

Our college mode of learning is designed to provide extensive, hands-on, applied, comprehensive training for those who desire to work in the field of web-centric business application development. The primary focus of our college is to provide a complete understanding of the construction of web applications using a variety of technologies. Our students will learn and gain the skills to create and design powerful interactive web sites, including graphic design, multimedia, video, animation, and e-commerce applications.

Course Units
•    HTML
•    Adobe Fireworks CS6
•    Adobe Dream Weaver
•    Adobe Flash Builder 4.6
•    Adobe Flash Professional CS6
•    Asp

•    Course Duration: 30hrs per unit
•    Exam Body: JP International