Course Outline

This program is designed for students seeking an artistic career in 3D animation. It’s also well-suited to professionals of all levels in the animation creative, design, business aspects of the industry seeking to enhance, broaden, and strengthen an existing skill-set, particularly in the areas of concept and story development as it relates to character animation.

Students will learn about 3D animation through a series of courses ranging from the fundamental disciplines and principles of animation to technically minded endeavors, such as character rigging. The most unique aspect of this program is that it specializes in the core aspects of 3D animation production, giving an area of specialization from each certificate, while also providing practical knowledge and insights into the high-tech digital aspects that drive the animation and visual effects industry.

Possible Careers include: Character Animator; Animation Modeler; Animation Rigger. Our well trained Instructors will act as mentors, providing valuable critique and collaborative feedback that is vital to the creative process.

Course Units
•    Maya
•    3D Max


  • Course Duration: 40hrs per each Unit
  • Exam Body: JP International