Course Overview

Certificate programs in computer-aided design (CAD) teach students design techniques that are used in engineering and architecture industries. Students learn to use computer software programs to create designs, manage data, and analyze plans. They develop drafting skills in areas such as electronics, structures, and fluid power.

Students who enroll for this certificate program in Our Institution, learn Autodesk’s AutoCAD software to create 2D and 3D digital design models for architecture, engineering, and construction. Whether changing careers or currently active in the industry, this professional certificate program provides the specialized AutoCAD design and documentation skills to increase user productivity and to support advancement within the field.

Course Units
•    Image Rearranging Using Atlantis
•    Auto CAD
•    Archi CAD
•    Auto CAD Mechanical
•    Piranessi


  • Course Duration: 30 hrs per each Unit
  • Exam Body: JP International