Make the Most out of your time at College.

Finally, you have graduated high school and are geared for college life, congratulations! Starting college can be terrifying to some extent yet it is a milestone many young people look forward to. You may be feeling nervous or underprepared for the great task ahead and that is the feeling this article seeks to address. You could be moving away from home for the very first time and venturing into a new environment with new people and that might be scary. Sorting out the course you will pursue, clearing the registration process, and getting accommodation remains the top priority during the first week in college, but what do you do between the period of registration and attending your first class? Here is a guide:

Don’t Shy from Campus Welcome Activities

Most colleges have a few days free, between registration and the onset of classes. It is during this period that several activities are organized. Such activities include orientations, concerts, or any other form of entertainment that are geared towards helping the new students to settle in. It is advisable to attend these events to learn more about the campus, options you have of moving classes or choosing class schedules, and above all else, meeting new people. Learn the culture of your new school and observe other dynamics of campus life outside the classroom.

Invest in a Good Planner

A good planner helps you stay on track.

College is the stepping stone for professionals, and as such, students must prepare for future success right now. Having a good planner helps you keep track of your work and makes you disciplined and accountable. College life can be pretty busy, especially when classes kick off, therefore, you need a planner because most of the time you will be having different classes in different places at different times, and adopting a routine will keep you in check. One thing that most people overlook is sleep schedule. Ensure you sleep and wake up at the same time to achieve ultimate rest and effectiveness. It may not be every day but most days a week would work perfectly. When creating a schedule, remember to leave some room for extracurricular activities; things that interest you beyond classwork – balance is key.

Engage with the Local Community

College may be a close-knit place but it is usually part of a larger community. Use this opportunity to learn about the community of which your college is part. This is especially to students who had to travel far and wide to attend college. You get to meet people and cultures different from what you have known all your life. It is only prudent to take time to learn about this community, or you may never appreciate any culture different from yours. Don’t miss out on a chance to give back to the community in any small way you can. The Golden Rule is to strive to make a difference wherever you go. Leave a legacy if you must. Create an impact, a ripple effect that will still be there long after you have graduated from school.

Explore other Interests outside Classroom

Use your free time to engage in other practices that interest you

College gives you the freedom to know yourself more, and what you want out of life. It is during this time that you are encouraged to explore other interests beyond classwork. Take frequent breaks from your classes, explore your hobbies, interests, and passions, make new friends, and network. Your interests could be something not related to the course you are pursuing and that’s OK. Many clubs, societies, and fraternities exist in colleges, find one that interests you and be part of it. School life needs balance for ultimate success.

Attend Extra-curricular Lectures/Seminars/Webinars

Seminars help you gain expert knowledge, network with others, and renew confidence.

There is no college in history that does not bring guest speakers once in a while to speak to students about different topics apart from academics. These are unique opportunities to learn something new and also a chance to interact and create some worthwhile connections with everyone in attendance. Certain guest speakers are always willing to shake hands and interact one on one after their talk. Take advantage of such moments and get the most out of them.

College is certainly a place for charting your career path, but it is also about discovering who you truly are, making new friends and connections, and getting your experimental phase out of the way.

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