Clubs to join while in College

Getting into college is an exciting affair and can be one of the highlights in a person’s life. It is good to understand that education is important but taking part in extracurricular activities is also advisable because it creates the balance that is required in life. Whether you are taking the toughest course in your school or you scored the highest points before joining college, there is an extracurricular course you to take part in. in many cases if not most, these extra-curricular clubs plug students into a national or international network of like-minded individual, groups and possible future employers.

The current day employers look for holistic employees, not just those who scored high points in academics. They are looking for people with interpersonal skills and other skills that make it easy to interact with others in a work environment. There is more to be brought to the table than just academic excellence; find out what your interests are and join a club or group that matches your interests. The following are some of the clubs you can be part of during your student life.

Academic Club

Academic clubs expose you to new opportunities

Most academic clubs are presumed to be students who are pursuing the same course coming together to discuss the course units. This is true to some extent, but academic clubs don’t necessarily have to be academic in nature, instead, they can focus on something totally different from academics like cooking, film, hiking, or anything else you would like to spend time on. It has tangible benefits like listing academic clubs as an extracurricular activity in your CV and also intangible benefits like socializing and creating connections with people who have backgrounds and opinions different from yours. You also get a chance to hone your life skills, manage time and resolve conflicts.

Theatre and the Arts Club

Theatre helps you build self-confidence and self-esteem

Are you considering a career in theatre and arts? Or do you simply just love the arts, and find a drive in the current artists, or the artists have gone before us? Well, if this gives you a tinge then the theatre and art club is for you. Perhaps you love painting, sculpturing, photography, music, or any other expressive form of art; theatre and arts are for you. Theatre troupes and musical groups exist on many campuses and can be a fun outlet for art lovers. There are myriad opportunities to showcase your passion for theatre and art, and who knows, it could be the starting point for an amazing career in arts and theatre.

Cultural Club

Cultural clubs help you appreciate a culture different from your own

High school is a period of getting to know yourself and trying to blend in but college is a chance to embrace your individuality and pursue your interests with passion. It is a chance to celebrate what makes you unique. Cultural clubs are dedicated to spreading awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the different cultures, their people, diversity, values, and their way of life. Cultural clubs also unite members that identify with a particular culture and help others understand the misconceptions associated with that culture.

Religious Club

Making friends in college is important, but to some people, it may be an uphill task. A religious club is one of the best ways to meet people who share common values and interests with you. Society is filled with a lot of rights, and one is the right to practice your own belief, as long as it does not infringe other people’s rights. Exercise your freedom of worship by joining a religious club that resonates with you.

Build Your Own Club

Build your own club
Building your own club taps into your innovative and leadership side

Yes, and this is not a joke. It is not a surprise to find that you don’t fit in any of the available clubs at college, or rather none of them interests you. If this, is you, there is no harm in starting your own club! Yes, form your own club as long as it adheres to the policies of your institution regarding club activities. Founding a club can go well into creating a good fortune for you in the future, with employers being impressed with your innovative nature. However, keep in mind that founding a club and building it from scratch requires time and passion. Be willing to sacrifice a lot to see the club flourish.

We cannot deny the importance of strong extracurricular activities, especially with colleges being selective on strong academic records before admission. Most students realize that these extracurricular activities actually reflect their existing interests and values, hence it is advisable to join at least one club while at school to not only create lasting connections but also build on already existing skills.

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