Best Tips for Exam Revision

Preparing for your exams is a vital part of your success at school but the challenge comes with knowing how to prepare. Based on experience and expert opinion, we have lined up a few tips that may be of help to your study better and perform better in your exams. 

Start Early

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The earlier you start your revision, the more prepared you will be when the exams come.

There has never been a substitute for starting revision earlier, instead of waiting till the last minute to start revising. Starting early gives you enough time to review all the topics of study and make sure you understand them well. Jamming your brain with too much work at the last minute is less productive, and you may not remember everything you have crammed. Ideally, starting early gives you time to review the subjects, one at a time, until you’re convinced to understand them fully. 

Plan Your Study Time

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Planning your study time ensures you allocate enough time for each subject.

Plan your study time according to the subjects at hand. You will realize that certain subjects are harder than others, and will therefore need you to spend more time on them. Taking time to review the subjects you have will give you an idea of how much time you need for each subject. It is helpful to consider the amount of time you need over each subject for effective revision. Planning your study ensures you make good use of your time. Know what time of day is perfect for you to study; morning, afternoon, or evening.

Take Care of Yourself

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Pump up on healthy foods to improve your focus and get energized.

Studying and preparing for a minor or major exam should not be a reason to not indulge in self-care. Eating healthy meals, exercising, and taking a break will leave you more energetic and focused. You want to take care of your mind well enough to be able to understand everything you revise. Too much junk food in your system leads to a spike in blood sugar that can lead to anxiety, which eventually affects your concentration and energy levels. It is advisable to drink plenty of water and consume a healthy diet to be more alert for your revision. Also, ensure you get enough sleep to stay rejuvenated.

Organize your Study Space

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A disorganized space equals a disorganized mind.

The way your space looks has a direct impact on your concentration, weird but true. When papers are all over the place and your books jumbled up, then you may never be able to concentrate on your studies. Make sure your study desk has enough space to spread your textbooks and notes out. Ensure the lighting is just right and your chair is comfortable. These are aspects that are easily overlooked but they have an impact on your studies.

Incorporate Other Activities with your Revision

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Discussing schoolwork with friends is another great way to revise

We all know the saying, ‘All work no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ It is not far from true. When all you do is revise without taking deserved breaks, you will end up being dull, worse still, you may burn out. To avoid this, incorporate other activities like long walks, going for a swim, breathing, yes, sometimes we get too busy and forget to breathe as we should. Take time to enjoy fresh air in between your revision sessions. You can also try a variety of revision techniques, like question and answer with your friends or writing down notes from your memory.

Succeeding in life, not just exams require a good amount of preparation, and when you take time to plan and prepare, you are well on the road to success. Be careful not to turn into a revision zombie. Stay motivated and relaxed by having some fun activities in between your revision sessions.

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