Diploma In Business Administration(ABE)

Course Overview

The ABE Business Administration programme provides a professional qualification which may be used to prepare directly for a career in business, to gain advanced entry to study for further professional qualifications or to obtain useful exemptions on a range of university business courses in the UK and elsewhere. The syllabuses are regularly updated to ensure that they continue to reflect the evolving needs of contemporary business and the rapidly changing conditions within which such business operates. Such regular review ensures that ABE graduates receive a relevant and up-to-date qualification as a foundation on which to build a successful career in their chosen specialism.

The nature of the programme is such as to provide students with not only an appreciation of the theoretical issues involved in the study of business, but with a range of practical skills which will enhance their value to potential employers. The early stages of the programme provide students with the academic subjects which underpin the remainder of the course. These subjects are then developed in an increasingly applied way as the programme proceeds, covering the major functional specialisms of business and culminating in a range of ‘overview’ subjects which provide broad strategic and international perspectives on business and management issues.

Course Content

Part 1

All four subjects must be passed.

• Economics
• Organisational Behaviour
• Accounting
• Business Communication
• Life skills
• Entrepreneurship
ICT Application

Part 2

Four compulsory subjects:

• Marketing
• Human Resource Management
• Quantitative Methods
• Managerial Accounting

Plus one from the following options:

• Principles of Business Law
• Systems Analysis

• Course duration: 6 months per part
• Exam Body: ABE

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